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Maybe you are doing it right. Who am I to say? But here is what I do know. I work, and have worked with those whose practices are completely and totally out of date. I won’t say I know everything about my subject matter, but I do feel that I am good at what I do and my methods could help most drafters ( get ready for my offensive blanket statement) over the age of 35. This would mean that, most likely, you started using AutoCAD or something like it as text based or with a digitizer. Your main tools before that were on the board. There is nothing wrong with that, but things have changed exponentially since then! Take some steps to increase your knowledge about the tools you use daily. It might be worth your while! $$$

I’m a 2007 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. I hold a B.S. in Computer-Aided Product Design. This means I have been through 4 years of intense CAD training from 2003-2007. Most major changes to the software took place around the turn of the century… the new century. I have been employed full time in the Construction Design Field with concentration in Fenestration Design (Windows & Doors). Though this time I have learned from some, and taught myself, how to manipulate software to speed up my daily processes. I hope to convey this knowledge to the readers of this webpage.


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  1. benjaminknibbs

    Brilliant site – thanks for the useful and clear information. I too get frustrated by people who will not learn or improve their technique but sometimes it’s hard to accomplish what you are trying to do using ACAD help alone. I was having a lot of trouble getting my customised user interface to transfer to my home computer, including custom buttons and macros. I hope it will work now, following you article. Thanks again! Ben

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