Designer / Drafter / CAD Specialist with concentration in the fenestration industry.

Professional Designer with 5 years experience in the commercial/residential fenestration industry. I have been responsible for many aspects of the design phases of commercial fenestration products; from shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and material ordering to thermal analysis.

Created drawings and design criteria for many types of fenestration products including curtain walls, storefronts, window walls, folding glass walls (Nana Wall), sliding doors, stacking wall systems and operable windows.

Interested in AutoCAD customization and find that many do not use this program to its full potential. I am interested in creating tools that help reduce time spent on redundant tasks while drafting. I find this particularly interesting and see it as a direction I would like to take the majority of my work.

I am well versed in Autodesk Inventor, as well, and expect to be certified Expert by mid 2012