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Get a Head Start… Make a Template!

Do you insert the same items into every drawing you make? Feels like a waste of time, right? Well it is! creating a template containing all of the standard tools that you will need to dig into your newest project. If you’re a production drafter, you probably deal with a lot of the same over and over again. Most of the time each drawing will have its own twists, but things like title block, stamps, dimension styles and custom blocks can all be housed inside of a template file. So, let’s create a basic .dwt file.

  1. Start a new drawing using the acad.dwt template file.
  2. Immediately click “File” then “Save As…”. From here, browse to your safe space and then change the file type at the bottom of the window to “.dwt” instead of “.dwg”.
  3. Now add the following: Borders to Layout tabs, Commonly used blocks, Dimensions (copy from a previous drawing with styles that you currently use), and text copied similarly to how you imported dimension styles.
  4. Once you add these dimensions and pieces of text, you can delete them. The styles will stay inside the .dwt file.
  5. Copy and rename as many Layout tabs as you need.
  6. Save this file when you have everything you typically need.

Now, each time your click File… New to start your new drawing, you can use what you just created and stop slamming your head into your desk to numb the pain of your redundant practices. Everything that you need is already there!

These are just suggestions about what you may need. I use most of these, and more. Feel free to send me questions or comments about anything you find particularly useful in your creations. Here is a link one template I use for freelance work. It contains blocks using attributes, and dynamic blocks as well. These are topics that will be covered in future posts.

Anger clouds the mind.

…. and your AutoCAD drawings.

Enjoy the day. <—- Address for sample template if link will not work for you.