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I’m here to help. If you’ve been using AutoCAD or one of it’s analogs for over 5-7 years and haven’t reevaluated your drafting methods, you’re probably doing it wrong. I see drafters, engineers and designers taking the long way around their drawings on a daily basis. We all lose time when we don’t keep up with the tools we are using. A few new commands and some revised methods of drafting can help reduce errors and eliminate time wasting steps. This website is intended to tell you what you might be doing that could take you over the hills and through the woods with your drafting practices. One of the greatest features of AutoCAD is that it builds upon itself with every new release, keeping all of the features from the previous version. This is also it’s greatest fallacy because it doesn’t give any incentive to it’s users to learn it’s new features or streamline the old ones. I intend to point out the biggest items that could get you some time back in your day.


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